THE JACOBS HOUSE Assisted Living Facility

The Jacobs House North

Established in March of 1990, THE JACOBS HOUSE began as a single building, 12 bed General Assisted Living Facility.  Since then, the facility has grown from the original 12 beds to 16 in the General Assisted Living Facility and 2 buildings of 16 beds each devoted to the care of those affected by memory loss or SCALF Units.


THE JACOBS HOUSE is licensed by The State Of Alabama Health Department – Division of Licensure and Certification and adheres to the Rules and Regulations set forth by this division

The Jacobs House West

Regardless of the title or certificate, first and above all, our staff brings to the facility a warm heart and the desire to best serve residents wherever they may be on their road of life.   It is our hope that if you are looking for placement of a relative or friend, you will see something here that will cause you to consider contacting us and allow us the opportunity to tour you through the facility and provide the information you may need at this time.

Our General Assisted Living Facility offers assistance with Activities of Daily Living or simply those things in daily life that need a little extra attention.    In this building, our residents are not as closely monitored and to a degree, can maintain a certain independence. Here, a greeting card, letter from a distant friend or an article in the newspaper is understood and appreciated.


Our SCALF ( Specialty Care Assisted Living Facility ) buildings are devoted to a much more structured and monitored life.  Most of our residents in these two buildings suffer from Dementia or Alzheimers related illnesses.  In these buildings, simple praise over the accomplishment of a task such as knowing your place at the table can be the pinnacle of the day and offer a sense of accomplishment.

The Jacobs House East


Both Mr. Cooper and Ms. Phelps attend the twice yearly State Conferences to keep informed and up to date on the latest necessary information to better serve our residents.  Our daily menus and snacks are approved and reviewed twice yearly by a State Certified Dietician.  Our cooks have taken and passed the Serve/Safe Food Safety Course offered in Montgomery.  The Staff is certified in CPR, First Aid, the Deta Brain Series and Deta Care.